Palace Gardens’ Menu Celebrates National Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Month

June is National Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month and a perfect time to celebrate the delicious food found at The Palace Gardens in Homestead that incorporates the freshest produce.

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Celebrated each year, National Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month focuses on these colorful and tasty foods. Fruits and vegetables provide a variety of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and fiber — while remaining naturally low in calories, fat and sodium. In addition, they lower the risk of developing certain chronic diseases — and help maintain a healthy weight.

At assisted living communities such as The Palace Gardens, as in all Palace communities, dining is a high point in residents’ day and the community serves three meals a day: breakfast, lunch and dinner plus snacks.

“Incorporating fruits and vegetables is important and residents enjoy items like cream of carrot soup and hearty corn chowder as alternatives to eating raw vegetables,” said Ann Marie Peart, MBA, Director of Food Service for The Palace Gardens. “Our menu changes daily, which keep residents as well as the staff engaged with varying options and different daily choices.”

According to Peart, every Palace community offers restaurant-style dining with an elegant ambiance that begins with fresh, crisp table linens and napkins.

“Our dining program needs to appeal to residents as well as their children and both audiences are very opinionated when it comes to dining and food service,” explained Corporate Executive Chef Ken Wilbanks.

In addition to the daily menu with special dining options, the right side of the menu offers Palace classics that are always available.

As people realize the health benefits of eating more fruits and vegetables, they are opting for more nutritious option,” Peart said. “One of our popular, regular menu items is always what we refer to is the ‘big salad’ which includes a choice of protein. Residents often request the salad, served both for lunch and dinner.”

The Palace Gardens Homestead is multicultural and Peart says the community aims to satisfy everyone by offering a variety of ethnic cuisine. I draw on my Jamaican heritage and people enjoy island favorites, but we also offer selections that are familiar to our Latino and Jewish residents.

If you would like to come to The Palace Gardens and learn more about the assisted living community and stay for lunch or dinner, please call Elizabeth Martinez, director of sales for the community at 305-247-0446, or email Elizabeth@thepalaceus.com.