Exercise Linked to Improve Cognitive Function

The Palace Gardens, the new Assisted Living and Memory Care community in Homestead, offers residents an extensive choice of exercise and fitness options.

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Research indicates that even people with some type of dementia can reap the many benefits of physical fitness. Therefore, residents living in assisted living and memory care at The Palace Gardens are encouraged to exercise daily. “’Let’s get moving’ is the daily refrain to inspire our residents,” said Jennifer Almodovar, CTRS, Memory Care Activities Director. “Our families are so pleased finding their loved ones are participating in exercise, something they weren’t doing at home and now enjoy with neighbors.” Some of the benefits of daily exercise include:

•  Lowering the risk of depression
Depression can increase memory impairment and significantly impact a person’s quality of life. Physical activity releases endorphins that can elevate mood and reduce risk of depression.

•  Reducing restlessness and helping prevent wandering
Exercise can help with some of the challenging behaviors of Alzheimer’s disease. With exercise, a person may less likely feel the need to move around and potentially wander. After a physical activity, our bodies are more prone to feeling rested which is beneficial.

•  Preserving physical functioning, strength and ADL abilities
Physical exercise and other activities that require mobility can sometimes help maintain a higher level of functioning for a longer time. Focusing on exercise that helps maintain balance and strength can reduce the risk of slips and falls.

•  Maintaining cardiac function
Maintaining a healthy heart through exercise can prevent other health complications and conditions that could further affection functioning.

•  Improving sleep habits
Physical activities can be helpful in maintaining a good sleep-wake cycle and in facilitating sound sleep at night.

•  Enhancing alertness and cognitive functioning
While exercise hasn’t been shown to restore memory completely, it has been found to improve overall thought processes and cognitive functioning.

To learn more about the exercise programs available at The Palace Gardens Homestead and the community’s specialized care for dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, please call Elizabeth Martinez at 305-247-0446.