Benefits of Assisted Living Communities

From our vantage point, we’re often asked by families how an assisted living community would improve their loved one’s life, especially since no one anticipates a move from a current home being easy.

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Because we see firsthand how living at The Palace Gardens improves residents’ lives, there are five immediate benefits we recommend for families to consider.

1). Built-in safety—If there are emergencies within a residence, help is quickly available. If someone feels ill, a nurse on staff can be called quickly. This type of safety net means families can sleep more easily knowing their loved one is safe.

2). Socialization—As people age, their circles of friends shrink and they have to expend a lot of energy seeking out people. An assisted living community provides an ongoing schedule of activities from morning into the evening. Not only does this mean there are things to do, but there are also ways to connect socially. In addition to discovering a new interest, these are opportunities to be with others. This is so important as someone ages and helps avoid isolation.

3).Regular meals—Living on one’s own means shopping, cooking and cleaning. At an assisted living community, all it takes is showing up. Delicious meals are served at The Palace Gardens for breakfast, lunch and dinner and there are snacks in between. Residents’ tastes are catered too with made-to-order breakfasts and a variety of entrée options for lunch and dinner. It’s like dining at a restaurant every night.

Easily accessible services—The services that someone typically needs to access—from banking, refilling prescriptions, going to beauty salon, getting a manicure to physical therapy—are provided without leaving the building. The stress of driving and parking and maneuvering through crowded parking lots is eliminated by having these conveniences right at hand.

4). Privacy—A concern many people have is a loss of privacy if they move to assisted living, but we always assure someone they have their own residence. There are common areas to share with other residents but whenever someone feels like being alone, their residence is their personal retreat.

To learn more about the many benefits of an assisted living community, we encourage you to come and visit The Palace Gardens Homestead. Take a tour or stay for lunch. Please call 305-247-0447 so we can plan to show you around.